Basic Node and Express - Get Data from POST Requests Mount a POST handler at the path /name. It’s the same path as before. We have prepared a form in the html frontpage. It will submit the same data of exercise 10 (Query string). If the body-parser is configured correctly, you should find the parameters in the object req.body. Have a look at the usual library example:

route: POST '/library' urlencoded_body: userId=546&bookId=6754 req.body: {userId: '546', bookId: '6754'} Respond with the same JSON object as before: {name: 'firstname lastname'}. Test if your endpoint works using the html form we provided in the app frontpage.

Tip: There are several other http methods other than GET and POST. And by convention there is a correspondence between the http verb, and the operation you are going to execute on the server. The conventional mapping is:

POST (sometimes PUT) - Create a new resource using the information sent with the request,

GET - Read an existing resource without modifying it,

PUT or PATCH (sometimes POST) - Update a resource using the data sent,

DELETE => Delete a resource.

There are also a couple of other methods which are used to negotiate a connection with the server. Except from GET, all the other methods listed above can have a payload (i.e. the data into the request body). The body-parser middleware works with these methods as well.

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